At Mike’s Barber Shop in Middletown, CT, a haircut is ritual, a nostalgic experience reminiscent of a simpler day when men gathered at the corner barbershop to discuss everything from business, to sports, to current events. To this day, the barbers at Mike’s take great pride in remaining faithful to this tradition. The minute you walk into Mike’s Barber Shop, you are immediately greeted with friendly, skilled and professional barbers providing traditional haircuts, as well as contemporary and trendy styles, specializing in the old fashioned straight razor shave. At Mike’s Barbershop everyone is treated like a member of the family and encouraged to say what’s on their mind. In between all the conversations and haircuts, jokes are told and laughs are had.



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A Brief History of Barbershops


The 1880s to the 1940s were the golden age for barbershops. During this time, men socialized in all-male hangouts, and barbershops rivaled saloons in popularity. Visiting the barbershop was a weekly, and sometimes daily habit. Men would stop in not only for a haircut and a shave, but also to fraternize with friends and chew the fat.


During this golden age, barbershops were classy places with often stunning surroundings. Marble counters were lined with colorful glass-blown tonic bottles. The barber chairs were elaborately carved from oak and walnut, and fitted with fine leather upholstery. Everything from the shaving mugs to the advertising signs were rendered with an artistic flourish. The best shops even had crystal chandeliers hanging from fresco painted ceilings.



History of Barbers


The trade or profession of Barbers traces back to some of the oldest proven artifacts of mankind's existence.  Ancient Mesopotamian, Sumerian and Egyptian relics that have been unearthed have depicted barber's tools such as razors and carvings of items such as today's modern day scissors, used for cutting or shaving mens hair and beards.  In ancient Greece, patrons would visit an agora, which is what would be considered an original type of barbershop where men gathered to have their beards trimmed, shaved, hair cut or finger nails trimmed while associating with one another and listening to local gossip. In Ancient Rome, a daily visit to the tonsor was what all men did for a clean shave. It was even considered a "rite of passage" or coming of age experience for a young boy to have his first visit to the tonsor.  Asia had it's own form of barbers who shaved their heads into certain hairstyles for their culture. India also had it's own barbers who sat on the street where they trimmed their patron's hair. History proves that even in the Middle Ages, barbers served as also dentists and surgeons, thus earning them the names "barber surgeons."




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